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Pretty Boy (2015) has got to be the very best short g ay film I’ve seen — hands down. It’s a heartwarming story, wonderfully acted. It won Best Drama at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Best Screenplay at the Sydney Indie Film Festival, and numerous other awards and nominations including Best Actor, Best Male Lead and Best Female Lead.

The story... After John finds gay porn in son Sean’s room, he buys Sean a special birthday gift: a night with a hooker, Katie. He hopes the experience will turn Sean around. And it does, but not in the way he hoped or wanted. Both Sean and Katie come away changed forever.

In 2005 filmmakers Adam Salky and David Brind produced Dare in short and feature versions. The short version ran 16 minutes and is presented here. It attracted a devoted following online — so much so that Salky and Brind reassembled the original cast and filmed a sequel in Fall 2017. It's making rounds at film festivals now and when available to stream I'll add it here.

The new film goes forward in time to see where the characters are today. Back in 2005 they were high school students working on a play. Ben, light boy on the stage crew, had a crush on one of the actors. After a bad rehearsal during which the actor Johnny totally blew his lines, Ben drove him home. They drank a little, ended up in the swimming pool and…

This is a very power film! Written and directed by Brian Etter, he described it on YouTube: "A teenage boy delivers a message of acceptance to his rigid Catholic school during the morning announcements, through which he explains how the institution's hypocritical message of 'loving the sinner' contributed to the suicide of his gay younger brother."

If you're a Star Trek fan this movie is a real treat!

Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek: Phase II were a series of fan films produced and distributed with the blessings of Paramount Pictures and CBS as long as there's no charge and no profit (none here!). The production quality is astoundingly good when you consider, according to Wikipedia, that the films were produced in a former car dealership and a former Family Dollar store in New York state. The series started in 2004 with new films released about once a year. The project has received support from Star Trek alumni including George Takei, Walter Koenig, Majel Barrett and Denise Crosby. Each appeared in some of the films.

According to Wikipedia, the episode "Blood and Fire" was originally commissioned and written by David Gerrold for TV's Star Trek: Next Generation. It would have featured the first gay couple in the Star Trek franchise. It was never approved for production, however, so the script was adapted with Gerrold's permission for the fan series.

In "Blood and Fire" Captain Kirk's nephew is gay and assigned to serve on the Enterprise — and that's all I'll say. For the rest you'll have to watch.

Ruben's Place is a “slice of life” story about a young gay man, Ruben, who returns home after his mother has died to care for his severely alcoholic father. It‘s set in a small dying town where the economy has collapsed after a flood. Most people have moved away. Sounds grim, but I found it uplifting as everyone copes and grows.

I really like this film. It's a quiet story of perseverance, redemption and ultimate peace. I hope you'll watch it and enjoy it. I spoke with Sam Vasquez, the Producer and Director, when first setting up this website. Nice guy. I'm pleased to share his film here — but I have to give one heads up: The sound quality is a little poor. Crank it up or wear headphones.

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Interesting parallels to Pretty Boy above, but a very different story. Bitter sweet.

Pretty Boy

There is a wealth of excellent short and independent LGBT films available on YouTube and Vimeo. You can find them for yourself, of course, and I encourage you to go looking. It's fun. But, for your viewing enjoyment, I've assembled here a collection of films that I've found and recommend. It's just a sampling! Over time I'll add more. Watch for the "New" button.

The quality of these films varies, both in cinematography and acting. It's in the nature of independent and often low-budget films. That's the very beauty of the medium! It would be sad indeed if we were solely dependent on commercial Hollywood productions. There have been some good ones, but not many and not with the variety and depth of these films.

So... Grab some popcorn, scroll down and feast! Where I can, I offer a little background, context and commentary. Other times I just let the film speak for itself. Enjoy!


Dare (Part 1)

Star Trek: Phase II ('Blood & Fire')

Ruben's Place

How Would Jesus Treat the Gay Couple Next Door?

Morning Announcements

The Bench

Straight A

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Rose Canyon


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The Definition of Lonely


Rose-Colored Girl


Shabbat Dinner


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Wherever You Are


Break Free


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Never Too Late

UPDATE: The sequel is out and available for viewing online. Visit my blog for details.