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Gay Videos

YouTube and Vimeo are a treasure trove if you select carefully. Yes, there's plenty of garbage, but there's also a wealth of outstanding content too. I've curated a selection featuring some of the best LGBT videos available out. It's a work in progress so enjoy what's here now and come on back later for more.


Gay Films

This section looks at recent LGBT releases: Love, Simon; Call Me By Your Name and Boy Erased. I also look at the history of gay film and highlight some of my personal favorites.

There's also a collection of short LGBT films you can view right here, and commercials too — but not those annoying ones selling some drug you shouldn't use if you've been to an area where certain fungal infections are common. These are commercials from over the years that have included gay characters and themes.

Coming Out Stories

Coming out as LGBT can be terrifying or joyous. Sometimes both at the same time. It can also be the single-most important thing a gay person can do — for him or herself, and for the community. Coming out videos are a staple on YouTube and I've assembled a collection featuring average folks and famous too, like George Takei of Star Trek, Rosie O'Donnell, Jason Collins, Ellen Degeneres and Troye Sivan.

To top it off Dan Savage explains how it gets better!




Screen grab from Pretty Boy. Watch the full film here.

George Takei talks about Japanese Internment during
World War Ii and later his coming out. It gets better.

Gay Video of the Week &

I posted Gay Video of the Week and its companion series, Snapshots of Gay History as Told Thru Video, on Facebook from January 2015 until I was forced to stop midway through 2016 because of limited time. Being a wage slave is so inconvenient!

I plan to resume both series when I retire. In the meantime, I'm posting occasional videos on my blog when time, mood and opportunity strike.

Snapshots of Gay History as

Told Thru Video

Screen grab from Screaming Queens, a documentary on the August 1966 riot outside Compton's Cafeteria in
San Francisco — three years before Stonewall.

Watch it here.

Gay Television

There was a time when portrayals of LGBT people on TV were either non-existent or pretty ugly. Things have slowly changed. Remember Jodie Dallas on Soap in 1977, played by Billy Crystal? Later we had Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and then Queer as Folk which left little to the imagination. Today there are even gay characters on the Disney Channel! Andi Mack character Cyrus Goodman is just 13-years-old — and gay. Kind of mind-blowing. We are making progress!

My roadmap for this website includes rebuilding a new and better page that explores LGBT presence and portrayals on the small (yet ever-bigger) screen. I'll look at the stories and people on camera, and behind as well.

I expect to debut this new page in Fall 2020.

Cyrus (left) and TJ. Screen grab from Disney's Andi Mack.