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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trevor Noah took over for Jon Stewart at Comedy Central 17 months ago. I thought I would post several interviews that Noah has done. He has a unique perspective in observing Donald Trump's conduct as a candidate and now as President.

Noah was born biracial in South Africa in 1984 during apartheid, when interracial relationships were a crime. He lived under a racist authoritarian government where the press was censored. Noah sees troubling similarities in Trump and expresses no doubt that Trump is racist. "You cannot deny that Donald Trump in his actions and the way he speaks about certain groups of people is one that is racist," he says, but then goes on to make some important observations and distinctions about "racist" and "racism" in American society today.

Noah was asked about Trump's desire to open up libel laws to go after the media. Regarding press censorship, Noah said "Being in a space where a president or any political leader can pursue news organizations on a whim is a scary, scary place to be. Because again I come from a country where censorship was a normal part of our lives. And once you censor the press, once you live in a world where the people don't have any access to information, that is the first step in an authoritarian regime."

This report and interview with Noah that aired on ABC.

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Noah did this extended interview with Aljazeera.

If you haven't seen Trevor Noah at Comedy Central, here's his coverage of Trump's press conference this week.

Here's another show where he discussed the similarities between Trump and a toddler.

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