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Snapshots of Gay History as Told Thru Video

On January 3, 2015, I began posting a 'Gay Video of the Week' each Saturday morning on Facebook for my friends there. I started out posting random videos that were fun, interesting or informative. For Black History Month I posted a video on Bayard Rustin, organizer of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom — and also gay. That led to more videos focusing on gay history, and 'Snapshots of Gay History as Told Thru Video' was born.

At first I thought my focus on gay history would last just a few weeks. I soon realized there's a wealth of material on YouTube, but it's all scattered and disconnected. Through the Snapshot series I gathered together these scattered videos into organized presentations on a given historical event or topic, then added a written narrative. Each week was a big job, but I loved it! I learned a lot!

I started in the 1950s and went decade by decade intending to reach present time. After 18 months I had made it to the 1980s, but was forced to stop. A promotion at work ate up all my time and I couldn't sustain the effort each week. So I suspended the project. But I'll be back! I'll be retiring in the reasonably near future and will resume at that time — in fact I'll start over because now I have my website and blog. I can reach a broader audience than just my Facebook friends.

Until then I'm not posting weekly, but I am posting occasional ad hoc videos when time, mood and opportunity strike. You can find these videos on my blog — Just Sayin' 2.0 — at the links below.

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Gay Video of the Week

Snapshots of Gay History

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