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You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of the mind. A journey into a wonderous land of funny and amazing clips whose boundaries are that of the imagination. That's the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the Fun Zone!


The Carol Burnett Show
When I was in college we'd all go out to the bars on Saturday night but not before we had watched The Carol Burnett Show and Mary Tyler Moore before it. These shows were must-see. The only other program in their league was probably I Love Lucy.

This skit with local Chagrin Falls native Tim Conway is a classic within a classic — the best at its best. Below this Vicki Lawrence talks about playing Mama and this skit in particular. You can view more clips on Carol Burnett's official channel at YouTube. You can purchase episodes on iTunes and at Amazon.

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Faraday Cage
What can I say? I get a real “charge” out of this video!

Very, very cool!
I have always wanted to fly like a bird.

El Camino del Rey 1
This harrowing walk was filmed with a Sony Handycam along El Caminito del Rey in Spain, reportedly after the walk was closed and forbidden to the public. You can imagine why! As described in Wikipedia, “El Caminito del Rey is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Ardales in the province of Málaga, Spain. The name is often shortened to Camino del Rey.”

El Camino del Rey 2
This a new HD version of El Caminito del Rey.

Soar Like An Eagle 1
This is an eagle’s eye view flying over Dubai. Stunning! 

Kids Today!
Filmed in Hong Kong, these are some crazy dudes! But brave. My stomach gets queasy so viewer discretion is advised.

500 Years of Female Beauty

New York’s Central Park
David and I love Central Park, which is why we chose to marry there in October 2014. This stunning video was shot a year later in 2015.

Topsail Island
David’s and my other favorite place on Earth is Topsail Island in North Carolina. We’ve spent many a week there. These cottages right on the beach are delightful. We love to wake up and sit with our coffee as the sun rises over the ocean. We can walk right from our porch to the beach for a stroll, to fly a kite or look for shark’s teeth. You’ll probably notice the curious 3-story square cement towers. These date back to a Navy project after World War II, known as ‘Operation Bumblebee,’ and were used to track missiles. [Unfortunately, with North Carolina’s new sweeping anti-LGBT “bathroom law” we wouldn’t feel welcome or comfortabe there now.]

Herding Cats
Sometimes the commercial is better than the show.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show
And what can I say about The Mary Tyler Moore Show?  To me its like I Love Lucy, never old or stale no matter how many times I've seen it.

This scene is my absolute favorite from the entire series, hands down. Betty White plays Sue Ann Nivens, the sarcastic, caustic and over-sexed Happy Homemaker at WJM-TV. Sue Ann's sister has come to Minneapolis where she immediately lands a competing cooking show at another station — and she's competition for Lou Grant as well! Despondent, Sue Ann retreats to her bedroom and the gang from WJM comes to cheer her up.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show is available through iTunes, Hulu and Amazon.  

Soar Like An Eagle 2
This time our eagle is flying over the French Alps. 

Stop by again because more is coming...

Ce circuit de train miniature est génial!
I wonder if this could lead to divorce.

Another Car Ride with Motoki

Carl Poppa
Folks like me who are Walking Dead fans will enjoy this.

Old Movie Dance Scene Mashup

Zach King
This guy is an amazing digital illusionist! His work is phenomenal. Check out this brief compilation and his appearance with Ellen DeGeneres. Check out Zach King's channel at YouTube for more great stuff.

This one should be watched in full-screen mode.

And if that wasn't enough...

Homemade Ford Balloons Ad
This is a fun classic from 2007.

Adam & Eve
Another great classic you may have seen.

The New iPhone is Just Worse
I think Apple products are great, but this parody of the iPhone7 is delicious.

Oh Deer, Oh Deer!
This is either the perfect punk or... OMG! Please tell me it's not real!!  

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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A Better Hoverboard
With all the reports of hoverboards catching fire, something had to be done. This time I think they got it right!

Lost in Space
I loved Lost in Space when I was a kid! In particular I loved the B9 Robot, and have three toy versions now. But what I really want is a life-size working model. They used to be sold through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog for a mere $25,000 or so. They're not in the catalog anymore and I thought they had gone out of production, but the manufacturer's website is still up — and it features a great video. (They prefer the video not be played through third-party websites like mine, so click the link to watch it there. It's wild. Go see it! )

Here's a life-size B9 Robot being shown off by its proud owner.

Then there was the Jupiter 2 space ship that the Robinson family flew in. Apparently there's a life-size version of this too!

And here's someone showing off their scale model of the Jupiter 2. Cool!