The Fine Print...

...well, in name at least! Hopefully this is large enough to comfortably read.

This is a personal, noncommercial and non-profit website — my hobby — shared with others for their entertainment and education. It’s copyrighted to Robert C. Laycock. Please contact me before using any material here. There's a form for this purpose below, or you can email me directly. My address is provided as well.

Permission for items attributed to other sources will have to come from the original source.

Most images on this website — in galleries, etc. — were photographed by me, my husband David Lansaw, or our families and friends going back many years. These appear without attribution except in cases where our friends are professional or semiprofessional photographers. Other images appearing without attribution are either in the public domain or, by my best assessment, are consistent with "Fair Use."

In all other cases I have secured the photographer's or organization’s direct permission, and/or I have purchased license to use the image. Attributions are provided.

I make very heavy use of videos from YouTube, Google's video sharing service, and sometimes similar sources like Vimeo. This content is usually organized by type or topic. None of these videos have been copied and stored here. Instead, they all stream through my website via link to Goggle's servers.

It is my understanding that Google responds promptly to complaints and known instances of copyright infringement on YouTube. It removes or blocks offending material when identified. In the event Google removes something from YouTube the link is broken and it will immediately vanish from here as well.

I will never knowingly link to an infringing video. I try to exercise prudent judgement and have passed over a few videos that
felt dubious to me. When in doubt, I sometimes send you to YouTube to watch an item directly there. Otherwise, when sharing is enabled and functioning on YouTube — and especially when a video is posted by a person or entity directly associated with the video (a film or broadcast, for instance) — I'm taking this as implied permission and am trusting Google's process.

Despite these efforts, anyone finding their work here on my website without permission, license or correct attribution is urged to contact me. I will respond by email within 24 hours. I can remove the offending content, of course, but hope we can arrive at a resolution satisfactory to us both which allows the content to remain.

To contact me: Please use the form below. I will respond within 24 hours.

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